Becoming a Member


Years experience in prevention education

YCW Nigeria Membership is opened to all Nigerians from 10 years of age (irrespective of place, gender, vocation or profession, religious or tribe) who are committed to the realization of YCW’s aims and objectives, who pledge to loyally support it materially and otherwise and who are prepared in a disciplined manner to commit his/her energies, skills and intellect to the formulation and implementation of its policies and programmes.

Affiliate Membership

It shall be open to affiliate organizations provided that the membership of such individual and affiliate organization and participation in other organization do not conflict with the aims, objectives and constitutional existence of the Organization

Honourary Membership

Distinguished individuals who satisfy criteria as may be laid down by the Board of Directors may be conferred with honourary membership of the Organization.

State Chapters

Application for the establishment of Youth Crime Watch site shall be addressed to the Secretariat, the consideration and acceptance of which shall be by the Board of Directors

Fundamental Responsibilities


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